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What I Stand For

I am running for the Utah House of Representatives because I want to serve you. I chose to run as a United Utah candidate because I believe many Utahns are not represented by either major political party. Let's work together to address the issues we all face in this state, regardless of our opinion or affiliation. Here are just a few issues I am especially passionate about.

Let's Create More Unity in Politics!

The political atmosphere has grown increasingly divisive and daunting. I have been dissuaded from more personal involvement in the past due to the aggressive, unproductive environment of politics. I hope to bring more unity in Utah politics, focusing less on who is right and more on how each of us can serve our community and our state.

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Image by Roman Kraft

Let's Make Mental Health Care Accessible!

My years working in behavioral health services have allowed me to witness firsthand the failings of Utah's mental health care system. I hope to advocate for accessible, affordable care for all who may need it. Utah is especially vulnerable to issues with substance abuse and suicide. We must take action now to protect our youth especially from the growing mental health epidemic.

Let's Fund Public Education!

Education is a valuable tool for life-long success, and every student in Utah deserves the best schooling experience possible. I spent all my years of public education and higher education in this state. I hope to be able to give back to the teachers and schools that have served me. I will do this by encouraging public education funding and supporting teachers during this especially difficult time.

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